How iPhone maniacs and geeks distort story.

I don’t have blog for this kind of thing so I will leave it here for now.

I have read this post: Family Science Project Sends Video Camera to the Edges of Space @ September 28, 2010 by Michael Zhang

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

In this video, he explained that attach a HD video camera for recording video and iPhone for tracking the device-homemade spacecraft. And he didn’t say anything and showing to put iPhone in it.

But what happen is that they don’t bother to watch the video properly and made up story like this. I will just quote from the source.

Brooklyn Dad and Kid Send iPhone Into Outer Space @ October 15, 2010 by Chris Bonanos

'In a burst of science-is-fun educational invention, a Brooklyn dad built a carrier for an iPhone (the current model, with video camera) out of a takeout box, tied it to a weather balloon, and let it go with the camera running.'

Now HD video camera became iPhone 4.

And story goes everywhere like this.

iPhone Sent Into Space Records Amazing Video @ October 17th, 2010 by Sebastien

'This one falls in the “very unusual stuff an iPhone can do” category. A father and his son decided to take on the project of sending an iPhone at 100,000 feet above our heads using a weather balloon while recording the whole thing.'

It became whole new story like this.

iPhone in Space! @ October 18, 2010 by Paul Acciavatti

'An impressive video is making the rounds showing the Earth from 19 miles up in the stratosphere - high enough to show the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space - that was shot from an iPhone 4. A father and son from Brooklyn, New York lofted an iPhone to 100,000 feet aboard a weather balloon to take a video of the Earth from space. Amazingly, the phone survived plummeting back to Earth at 150 miles per hour after the balloons burst, landing safely not far from the launch point.'

'He ended up taking an iPhone with external HD camera and wrapping it with hand-warmers to protect it from temperatures of 60 below zero Fahrenheit above the tropopause.'

'The two used a custom app that transmitted GPS information to find the iPhone stuck in a tree, undamaged, just 30 miles away from where the balloon had lifted off “due to a rapid ascent and two differing wind patterns”. The batteries died due to the extreme cold and the video cuts out just two minutes prior to landing.'

It was very strange. Because last two part came from nowhere. It sounds very realistic if you didn’t know about it.

He said that space was shot by iPhone 4 and then later he said that iPhone 4 with external HD camera. If iPhone 4 can record video, what reason for put in HD camera there? Does even make any sense?

That last post, you will find how many people were proud of iPhone’s geekiness.
This is what really happen in this geek and maniac world. You will find thousands and thousands of them like this.

Can’t you see the problem in geek world?

p.s. Author was commented like this:

By Chris_Bonanos (NY Mag) on 10/18/2010 at 10:55am
Thanks to the commenters who pointed out my half-mistake. We’ve corrected the text.

For the record: There is an iPhone in the capsule, for its GPS capabilities but not for its camera, as well as a standard HD videocam.

But interesting thing is that it still says that current model of iPhone.

I found that video author commented about iPhone.

He commented it at 1st October 2010.

We used the instatracker app. You can use buddyway as well but we found it unreliable and too complex. A friend lent us her old 3G with a cracked screen.

iPhone 3G was 2008 to 2009 product. It can’t be current model.

He didn’t even talk to author and made up story whatever he suits.

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